Communicating with Influence

Voice Power For Sales That Soar

Seminars And Workshops with Marlena Reigh

Those of us in sales, are always looking for ways to build business and increase revenue. One of the most dynamic ways is through our personal voice image and presentation style.

Within the first ten to fifteen seconds, customers are determining whether to listen to you, trust you, and do business with you based primarily on the sound of your voice and the look of your body language. Thus, these elements can determine your success in relating to customers and can influence your ability to build on that relationship.

Let’s face it. There are many companies out there offering the same products as yours–sometimes at the same prices. But what can differentiate you from the competition is how you treat your clients on a personal level. That personal level translates into the ability to communicate with exceptional care.

This program will teach you key elements necessary to building strong customer relationships which can result in increased sales and repeat business. Beware! This is a physical program with exercises, unique experiences, and techniques that will build on your personal style. You will increase your effectiveness and learn to become someone with whom clients love doing business!

Marlena Reigh, voice expert and seminar leader, will teach you powerful voice strategies in gaining credibility and trust. Learn what kind of voice style turns people off and the kind of voice image that promotes relationships and business. Discover what your voice says about you and how you are perceived.

Invite Marlena to evaluate and coach the voices on your sales team today. Get the personal edge that will help you utilize voice energy for motivation and persuasion. Gain more confidence, make strong lasting impressions, and increase sales.