Voice Image Coaching

Develop a Dynamic Voice and Presentation

Through Personal Voice Coaching with Marlena Reigh

Learn the powerful voice and presentation methods that the finest professional speakers use. These techniques will capture the attention of your listeners within seconds. Look, sound, and feel your best when speaking in all situations.

You will learn:

  • How to grab attention within the first few seconds of your presentation
  • The six voice skills necessary to keep your listeners interested from beginning to end
  • Simple techniques you can use for immediate results
  • Gestures and body language methods that add pizzazz

Here’s how personal voice and presentation coaching works:

  • Pre-session:
    A short personal voice and movement profile interview to design a program for your specific needs.
  • Coaching Sessions:
    Evaluation of where you are now, and your true voice potential. This includes discussion of several key points:

    • Voice: Articulation, Volume, Speed, Pitch Variety, Voice Quality, and Breathing.
    • Body Language: Gestures, Eye Contact, Posture, and Spatial Movement.
  • A Course of Action:
    Techniques that you can use now and a format for your continuous improvement.

Each session is audio recorded for reference when practicing.

Methods of coaching delivery:

  • In-house executive coaching (at your location).
  • Telephone coaching: Be coached in the comfort of your own environment.
  • One-on-one: Meet in our Ann Arbor, Michigan studio.