Presentations With Pizzazz!

You have got a great presentation ready to go! The right words, a great message. Now add the Pizzazz and you have got the “WOW”.

Did you know that a presentation is a physical experience for both speaker and listener? Learn powerful methods in using your voice, body language, and mental focus to add the kind of Pizzazz that builds a relationship with each member in your audience–one they won’t forget.

The main goal in presenting is to deliver an important message and have others buy into our ideas. We want to make a strong impression that will help us gain credibility and motivate people into action. Having all the right words with the right message is important, but it is the delivery that gives our presentation the personal touch and keeps the attention and interest of listeners and audiences from start to finish.

Regardless of the size of presentation, from one to 1,001, these techniques can give you the edge in your industry and have you viewed as more authoritative.

Who can benefit from the Presentation Pizzazz program? These advance skills have been taught to vice presidents, sales executives, managers, professional speakers, educators, and professionals in various industries, with rave reviews.

The first fifteen to twenty seconds of a presentation are crucial. You are already being evaluated even before you speak your first word. Learn how to have a presence that raises expectations to a new level and delivers.

It is when you open your mouth and speak that your voice either confirms or negates that first impression. The decision of whether to listen to or believe you, is being made. Learn how to use your voice to grab attention and keep listeners interested from start to finish. Develop a voice that others want to listen to by using the three basic elements of a dynamic speaking voice and the five factors to having a voice that motivates.

Nervousness ever take you over when making presentations? Find out how to have nervousness work for you. Use the Pizzazz techniques to maintain your energy and your focus. Create a presentation that grabs your audience and takes them on a journey they will not forget. Learn gestures, movement, and expression that give life to your presentation. Use the five-point formula for creating two-minute to two-hour presentations. Be confident and charismatic through the use of the Pizzazz method.

Beware! This is a physical program–so get ready for exercises, unique experiences, and lots of techniques that will help you get heard, put your point across, and leave them wanting more.