How Our Voice Affects How Others Listen to Us

You have heard it before: It’s not what you say but HOW you say it that can keep your listener’s interest. Within minutes people decide whether they want to listen to us based primarily by the sound of our voice. 57% of first impressions are based on how we look and carry ourselves, 7% counts […]

How To Use Your Million Dollar Voice

Tips on How to Use Your Million Dollar Voice By Marlena Reigh International Voice Image Specialist Do you have a Million Dollar Voice? Did you know that our voice image is one of the most powerful personal communication tools we have? Our voice can make a major impact on our success in getting others to […]

Voice Quotes

“Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask why me? Then a voice answers nothing personal, your name just happened to come up.” – Charles M. Schultz “The human voice is the organ of the soul.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Trust that little voice in your head that says “wouldn’t it be interesting if..”; and […]

Warm Up Tips For Great Voice Communication

We take our voice for granted and do not consider that it takes physical and mental effort when we speak. By warming up the speaking voice we also warm up the body and mind. Results are clarity, energy, focus,  mental stamina, and more confidence. Others then hear and view us as more competent and tend […]

6 Steps toward a Better Voice

1. Control Your Breathing Breath control is essential for healthy and effective speaking. Breathing from your diaphragm allows for you to: relax deliver emotional content improve the quality of your delivery. 2. Master Your Volume Volume should be at a reasonable level. If you are: Too loud: tone down. Too soft: use breath support — […]

Voice Health for Prosperity

Do speakers take their voices for granted? When I recently asked a group of professional speakers if they did specific things to care for their voice on a regular basis, 10 out of 80 responded that they did. Only 5 said they cared for their voice on a daily basis. Yet 75% of those polled […]

3 Keys to an Interesting Voice

Your Voice Can Be Music To Their Ears! The way we use the voice has the power to captivate or repel, communicate or bore, motivate or discourage. Investing time in developing a compelling and interesting voice will help keep your listeners totally engaged in your presentation and keep you energized from beginning to end. The […]