4 workshops to enhance voice and listening skills on the telephone

I am pleased to inform interested companies and organizations that Marlena Reigh led our company, Life Plus, Inc., designer and marketer of health and fitness products, in 4 workshops designed to enhance our voice and listening skills on the telephone. Our company, as most do, revolves around selling and communication to our customers on the phone. As a result of Marlena’s classes, Life Plus team members are handling the telephone more efficiently and are consistently more professional and effective in handling orders, and are listening and responding appropriately to customers concerns. There is no question that we are genuinely more aware of how important the telephone is to our business and image. The workshops brought our staff together as a team, as we learned, shared ideas, and practiced our voice and listening skills together. I recommend to any company that is motivated to improve its company image, sales, and company team spirit to participate in the professional and effective workshops Marlena Reigh has to offer.


Steve Sarns
Exercise Physiologist
And Sales Manager
LifePlus (now NuStep)

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