Meet Marlena Reigh, Voice Coach Specialist

Marlena Reigh is a voice image specialist with over twenty years of coaching, speaking and seminar-leading experience. She has worked one-on-one with over 1,000 voices and is a published author of books and tapes on voice image and presentation skills.

Marlena has coached professionals in many fields, and has worked with international speakers and CEOs. Her past corporate seminars have dealt with Sales, Presentation Skills, and Telephone Voice Techniques.

Her background includes singing and acting professionally, as well as developing and teaching college courses in voice and vocal performance. These experiences, along with owning her own business, Radiant Communications, have given her a unique perspective and approach to voice and presentation effectiveness.

Marlena works closely with clients to fill their specific needs. Her energy, enthusiasm, and passion are contagious. Her programs are packed with easy-to-use techniques that give her clients unique approaches to personal communication. These approaches promote action that yields positive and lasting results and has significant impact on their success.