Barbara Corvoran TV’s “Shark Tank” …being a great presenter key to business success

Recently Nate Berkus had Barbara Corcoran of TV’s “Shark Tank” as his guest on the Nate Berkus show.

Three people who had business ideas/products were then given a chance to present to Barbara and Nate for some very valuable feedback. It was very interesting as the presentation of the product itself was evaluated and input on other ways to market it were shared. But each person was also given feedback on how they themselves came across. Nervous, yes, and Barbara Corcoarn liked that saying it was natuaral.  Some could add more enthusiasm, energy, and excitement.

Nate Berkus asked Barbara Corcoran at the end of the show if she would give some tips that would help people be more successful with their businesses.

Barbara said there were two things that were essential for anyone who wants to be successful in their business.

First: to have a product that is unique and desirable.

Second: you are your product and being a great presenter is key to business success.  You can get people to buy into your product by using enthusiam and adding energy to the conversation. Have them see it, feel it, and hear it.



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