Be Prepared: You Are Secretly Being Analyzed

It is interesting when I am networking and asked what I do. Most often when I tell them I am a voice image specialist and do voice coaching, immediately the person asking becomes self conscious of their own voice. “You are probably analyzing my voice” they say. My response is, “Yes, I am analyzing your voice because that is what I do. But we all are subconsciously analyzing others voices whether we know it our not.”

When we are in conversation we are searching for clues and cues on how to connect with each other on a personal level. And remember, the voice has a physical aspect to it so when someone has a voice that is too loud, high pitched, nasal, or smooth and resonant we are making an impression on a physical sensation level. People base your personality by the sound quality of your voice. So in your next conversation be aware of the impression you’re making, what clues are you projecting to others about whom you are and the kind of relationship that you want to build. And the most effective way to build relationships is by listening for the cues in other peoples voices.

Probably the most underrated area of conversational speaking is listening. Silence and allowing the other person to shine and feel valued by you is what is golden. This is where you will truly build a connection. You are also giving them the gift of undivided attention, which is a rare commodity.

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