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How Our Voice Affects How Others Listen to Us

You have heard it before: It’s not what you say but HOW you say it that can keep your listener’s interest. Within minutes people decide whether they want to listen to us based primarily by the sound of our voice. 57% of first impressions are based on how we look and carry ourselves, 7% counts for … [Read more...]

The More I Do It, The Better I Am: Embracing Change as Adventure

I’m one of those people who like to do different things or do things differently. I call myself an adventurer and I keep a list throughout the year of things I’ve done for the first time. It’s a game for me and it’s also a way that I keep life interesting. Right now I’m on a big adventure that … [Read more...]

Power Words: Words that evoke an action or positive mental image.

I love words! I love the way they feel when saying them and love to play with words in order to take the listener on an adventure that captures their interest and engages them in a higher level of communication. Words have a vocal effect as they evoke feelings along with their meaning and … [Read more...]

Tongue Twisters For Articulation, Clarity and Projection

Tongue Twisters For Articulation, Clarity and Projection The tongue twisters below will help you become more articulate, improve projection and gain more vocal attraction whenever you speak. To be most effective when working with these follow these steps: Get in front of mirror Drop your … [Read more...]

Why being a triathlete makes me no different than a non-triathlete

This week I've met a lot of new people, which I love, and when I mention I'm a Tri-athlete the conversation is of curiosity and how hard it is for them to get into the practice of exercising. My response is, "Yep, me too. It's a mind game more than anything else. I don't get up at 5:00 am to swim … [Read more...]

Vocal Intelligence For Empowering Women at University of Michigan October 2014

Vocal Intelligence for Empowering Women October 23,2014  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI You have important things to share and if you do not have the confidence to do so, everybody loses. Presenting yourself with power does not mean that you are manipulative or controlling. It does mean … [Read more...]

Watch this video about voice image … [Read more...]

My Triathlon is coming up- a training for life

June 8 I'll be doing a national triathlon and am getting excited. I started doing triathlons in 2012 and what I've learned over these years is not only the exercise or the sports nutrition but the mind game. I love to exercise but when I go to my Thursday 5:30 am swim class I hear my inner … [Read more...]

Voice & Presentation Tips-Finding and developing your own style

Find your voice and develop your own style , an ongoing journey of discovery,... • Listen and feel – Outside-in. Your voice-what do you like? Other’s voices-how do you react? • Speak and feel – Inside-out. Let people know who you are. Be vulnerable. Take risks. • Always warm up – talk to … [Read more...]

Major Complaints Audiences Have of Presenters and Speakers

We've all been to enough presentations to see the great, the not-so great and the ultimate bore. Nothing is more exhilarating than to experience a wonderful speaker and nothing worse than being bored to death. What’s the key to a great presentation? What do we need to avoid in order to keep … [Read more...]