Do Olympians Have A Voice Coach?

Watching the Oympics is not only exciting but amazing to see what the human body, mind, and commitment can accomplish.

As I was watching the men’s downhill ski event the other day I noticed that several of the skiers used their voice in a loud boisterous way as they took off from the top of the hill. They did not say any words, but rather used non-words such as “Haaaaa, or Hoooo” releasing energy and tension on their take off. Releasing the voice this way is a great tool not only to release tension through out the whole body but also to get focused as fresh air is taken into the lungs and circulates to the brain.

Is this a technique that is taught to them by their coaches? We know that there is “vocal coaching” for those who take karate or other martial arts. 

Give it a try next time you are ready to take on a physical challenge. As a matter of fact, you can do it to release tension and frustration in your every day life. Sometimes I think this is the best part of watching sports. We get to hoot and holler, release tension, be in another world, increase our endorphins which makes us feel good, and be energized for whatever life has to offer after we have spent time with our favorite Olympian or sports team.


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