Have A Great Voice And Look Ten Years Younger


Would you like to look younger? Feel younger?
And with no monetary cost? It’s easier than you think.
All you need is ten minutes a day and the tenacity to make
these practices part of your health regime.

Looking and feeling younger is a big market for various
products and services that promise the “fountain of youth.”
They focus on wrinkles, gray hair, or sagging chins.
Yet there is one major tell-tale sign that is overlooked
and can make a major difference on your appearance. The
best part is that the cost is only ten minutes a day!
When you get in the habit of developing good posture,
you will not only look and feel younger but you will
gain other health benefits too-
Oh, and did I mention that your voice will be more
resonant and attractive.
The benefits of great posture include:
=> More youthful looking appearance (poor posture is often
   a sign of aging.)

=> Allows for proper breathing and clearer thinking.

=> Supports voice production for fuller sound and projection.

=> Permits better digestion with more room for the organs
   to function at maximum capacity.

=> A lighter and more energetic demeanor.

Poor posture inhibits the expansion of the ribs and back
and is often a symptom of weak abdominal muscles. Poor posture
problems tend to become habit and are often difficult
to spot on your own. Evaluate your posture by having
someone take a photo of you standing straight on
and one with a side view. Don’t cheat because you
want to look better. This will be your improvement guide.

Ask yourself:
> Is my head straight or do I tilt to one side?

> Is my head on top of my spine or is my chin hanging out?

> Are my shoulders square, back and down or do I slouch or
  have rounded shoulders?
> Is my stomach held in or is it protruding?

> Is my pelvis tucked under or do I have a sway back
  (hips tilting back)?
> Is my weight on the balls of both feet or is it on my heels?

> Is my weight on both legs or do I favor one leg?


Good posture means good balance of the entire body.

Here are some exercise you can do on a daily basis to improve
your posture. The goal is to have good posture all of
the time, and that it becomes second nature. But it is an
ongoing process due to stress and outside influences on our
physical and mental environment. Think of yourself as an
#1. Clasp your hands behind your back, straighten your arms
and raise them while squeezing the shoulder blades together.
Feel how the chest is high. Now slowly release the hands
while maintaining the position. Notice how it feels on a
physical level. This is a yoga exercise called chest expansion.

#2. Stand against a wall with your head, back, shoulders,
and heels touching the wall, with the pelvis tucked under.
Now move forward as though being pulled from your solar plexus,
and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Get in touch
with the way it feels. Practice so the body can mentally
memorize what it feels like when you are in good posture.

#3. Stand tall, not rigid, and feel space between your
vertebrae. Think of yourself as one inch taller.

#4. Do stomach and abdominal exercises to strengthen muscles
that support good posture.

#5. Walk twenty minutes a day, weight on balls of feet, expanding
ribcage breathing in and breathing out.
The posture robbers that can age you:

– Slouching at the steering wheel when driving. Remedy by putting
  your head on the head rest and drive with a high chest.

– Allowing stomach and chest muscles to give in when sitting
  at a desk for a long time.

– Shifting weight from one side to the other.

– Weakened abdominal muscles from lack of exercise.

– Not standing up straight and erect.

– Protruding stomach.

– Rounded shoulders.

– Chin jutting out.


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