How To Use Your Million Dollar Voice

Tips on How to Use Your Million Dollar Voice
By Marlena Reigh
International Voice Image Specialist

Do you have a Million Dollar Voice? Did you know that our voice image is one of the most powerful personal communication tools we have? Our voice can make a major impact on our success in getting others to take action and affecting the bottom line.

Within seconds listeners are evaluating our credibility and authority based on the sound quality of our voice. Do you know where you stand? What does your speaking voice say about you?

So what is a Million Dollar Voice and how can you achieve it?

When doing a presentation to groups, a Million Dollar Voice is the voice that:
Keeps everyone interested, not to mention awake. Motivates others to action. Has listeners thinking on an emotional and physical level. Leaves them remembering what was said to the point of wanting to tell others.

In other words, the Million Dollar Voice greatly enhances leadership qualities and positive perceptions of others. It’s a voice which helps gain more credibility and confidence when speaking not only to a group but also one-on-one.

Some tips to improve your Million Dollar Voice:
1. Use the musicality in your voice with vocal variety in speed, range, and volume.
2. Use pauses to emphasize points and vary the length of pauses.
3. Over-articulate to improve resonance and vocal clarity.
4. Maintain great posture and a power stance to add energy.
5. Speak conversationally to make a strong connection.

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