Voice Skills for Effective Training

Dear Marlena: It was indeed a pleasure to hear your presentation of Voice Skills for Effective Training to the Training Consultants unit of MetSource Consulting (segment of MetLife). I am sure all of us will profit from your keen insight into the use of the voice as a tool for presenting rich, colorful, and effective […]

4 workshops to enhance voice and listening skills on the telephone

I am pleased to inform interested companies and organizations that Marlena Reigh led our company, Life Plus, Inc., designer and marketer of health and fitness products, in 4 workshops designed to enhance our voice and listening skills on the telephone. Our company, as most do, revolves around selling and communication to our customers on the […]

Workshop with Focus on Hope

Dear Marlena: This letter is to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding workshops you have presented to our staff at Focus: HOPE. The workshops have been very informative and beneficial to my colleagues and me. You did an absolutely wonderful job with the “Telephone Skills for Success” and “Presentation Skills” workshops by outlining specific […]