Major Complaints Audiences Have of Presenters and Speakers

We’ve all been to enough presentations to see the great, the not-so great and the ultimate bore.
Nothing is more exhilarating than to experience a wonderful speaker and nothing worse than being bored to death.

What’s the key to a great presentation?
What do we need to avoid in order to keep people tuned in?
What do we need to adopt to make the greatest impact whether we’re speaking in front of an audience, in a meeting or one-on-one?

Major complaints of audience members of presenters and speakers
• Monotone: staying on one musical tone when speaking.
• Boring: Uses only two or three musical tones with no particular rhythm or meaning.
• Reading slides: Thinks the slides are the presentation and does not relate to the audience.
• Lacks personality: Does not incorporate one’s personal touch.

Allow your listener’s the full experience and impact of your message by using the broad scope of
your voice instrument.

Make your words come alive. You are the presentation and your voice is your instrument.
The goal is to create mental pictures and physical experiences with your voice on a physical level
Which will produce synergy and a powerful connection with listeners and lead them to take action.
What in a speaking voice attracts the listening ear:
1. Tone quality-full, rich, resonant, and vibrant
2. Musicality-using various tones on a scale of eight to ten tones
3. Rhythm-the movement and pacing of the voice to give meaning
4. Flow-vocal dynamic range from the beginning of the presentation to the end that

Opening your talk

Determine the energy that you want your listeners to experience. Be that energy with your
voice and your physical presence. The first few seconds are crucial. It is then that judgments
are being made and using the voice in a deliberate and engaging way can bring people on
board quicker.

Use questions, stories, quotes, or remarkable or unknown facts to begin your talk. Real life
stories or situations will have listeners relate to you on a personal level and get them engaged in your message.

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