My Dad’s Voice

My father was an amazing man and in the next few days it will be the one year anniversary of his passing. He had more talents than he even knew himself. He was a great dancer. I remember going to weddings when I was a child and women would get in line to dance with him. My mother was generous and her only demand was that she have the first and last dance. My dance lessons began when I was four and dad would have me put my feet on top of his shoes as he would count out the dance steps. He would smile and have a gentle and reassuring voice as he taught me the Polka, foxtrot, rumba, waltz to name a few.

Dad was great at telling stories too. His voice would take on each character and color an audio picture of the events on such a feeling level that you were there. I loved listening to him tell the story of my grandmother the bootlegger, using his voice to portray the judge we scolded the neighbor who turned her in for being insensitive to a woman trying to take care of her family.

His other talents included singing, playing the harmonica, building ice shanties, making things look always new, loved making baked beans and baking ham, making wine, and polish sausage from scratch. Best of all, being a father who treated me like one of the boys when my three brothers and I were together. His passion was fishing and boating and being on the water. And he loved Dolly, his german shephard, who he taught to say “I love you”-Really!

But his greatest talent was that of making others feel special and good about themselves when they were with him. As they would walk into the room Dad’s eyes would twinkle and his voice would greet them as though he were a child opening a fantastic Christmas present. His vocal tone would be warm and honest and he would as ask them in all earnest how they were doing and tell them how great it was to see them. He would listen and then respond with pleasure when things were going well, or sympathize and assure them in a low and intimate voice tone that things were sure to work out. I would observe him with others who would all of a sudden be smiling and sharing his wine with him. His voice and presence would transformed them to be in the moment and to enjoy it. I was that “someone” when I was with him too. His energy, voice, smiling face, and warmth are the traits that I hope to have inherited. What a gift to have others feel good when they are around you. To be with someone who truly cares allows others to be who they are and reciprocate mutal admiration.

Thank you Dad for all the blessings you have shared and endowed. Through your example I endevor to help others learn how to have a voice and presence that inspires and moves others at a deep personal level. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could be that connected. What a difference we could make in each others personal and business relationships. We have the opportunity to build relationships that could truly help generate a sense of world community.




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    We’ll here is a comment: He lives on within us. The other day I had a dream, and I might add that I have not dreamt about my dad a whole lot. But this dream was in a newer Gold color Cadilac(sp?), and I was in the back seat as a passenger. Dad was in the front seat driving northbound on airport road, explaining all features. The passenger seat was empty, because mom usually sits there. He was taking me to my house. I had a great sense of warmth, that he was and is happy, where ever he may be, just driving in his car taking people safely home.

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