My Triathlon is coming up- a training for life

June 8 I’ll be doing a national triathlon and am getting excited. I started doing triathlons in 2012 and what I’ve learned over these years is not only the exercise or the sports nutrition but the mind game.

I love to exercise but when I go to my Thursday 5:30 am swim class I hear my inner dialogue saying “what was I thinking”! But after 90 minutes of a rigorous workout I come out feeling great. That’s when the love of exercising kicks in. Even with this nasty cold I’ve had for a week, I am confident that I’ll have better performance than last year.

For over four months I’ve been¬†pushing myself to a higher level. Often it is not comfortable physically and mentally with the old nay sayer in me popping in for a visit. I push that negative voice out, knowing it distracts me and say my mantra ¬†“keep moving”.

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