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October 20, 2005

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  1. Greetings From The Author Marlena Reigh
  2. Telephone Tips Series:#1 Increase Your Call-backs
  3. Quote of The Month: Ingrid Bergman
  4. Voice Skills Tips: You’re Too LOUD!
  5. A Question From One Of Our Readers
  6. We’d Love To Hear From You

1. Greetings From The Author Marlena Reigh

Email is great and it has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. There are some things that email cannot convey and that is the tone of what is being said. Sometimes emails can occur abrupt and insensitive whether it is intentional or not. Remember that the telephone communication still rules when it comes to conveying the human touch through the human voice. The Telephone Tips Series is the first of five installments. In Ingrid Bergman’s quote we are clued in the value of a kiss. Being too loud is one of the most annoying voice habits.And the question from one of our readers should help those of you who are in meetings frequently.Hope to hear from you.

2. Telephone Tips Series: #1 Increase Your Call-backs

Leaving effective telephone messages is crucial to getting results. These results can have a major impact on your business image, time management and sales figures.

It amazes me when I listen to messages on my answering machine that many of these sales people actually think I am going to take them seriously and call them back. It’s hard to believe they take themselves seriously when they rattle off their information and sound eager to get the call over with.

Someone who compels a call-back tends to:

  • Sound interesting and interested.
  • Have a personable tone that reflects a (human) personality.
  • Leaves call-back information that doesn’t require the message to be replayed.

Her are major keys to call-back success:

=> Create a short script (see below)

=> Have a voice that has appropriate enthusiasm and energy.

=> Maintain a warm human quality that doesn’t sound mechanical.

=> Use a conversational style.

=> Slow down the pace.

=> Articulate and speak words in a deliberate and inviting fashion.

=> Let them know you are eager to hear from them.

=> Enjoy the process.

When writing a brief script, I would suggest writing it on yellow paper or card-stock, and adding graphic art that will give you a visual to help you enjoy the process.

Script steps:

  1. Keep your message to 30 seconds or less.
  2. Name
  3. Company
  4. Phone number with pauses “areacode-/-734-/-668-/-60-/-74”
  5. Message with one key point
  6. Call to action
  7. Best time to call back (optional unless you have been playing phone tag) day/time
  8. Request they give you two times that would be best for you to call back.
  9. Name and phone number again, “Again, this is Marlena Reigh at 734-/668-/-60-/74”
  10. Complete the call with “I am looking forward to talking to you soon. Thank you, good bye”

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3. Quote Of The Month: Ingrid Bergman

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous” -Ingrid Bergman Actor

4. Voice Skills Tips: “You’re Too Loud!”

Are you too LOUD? What do you do? In a recent survey, people ranked speaking too loud as one of the most annoying voice traits. Is this a problem for you? Do you know? What can you do about it?

Here are some signs that you may be speaking too loud:

=> People back away from you when you talk.

=> Everyone in the room turns around when you begin to speak.

=> You get stares.

=> You are asked to talk softer.

=> You are told directly that you are talking too loud.

When you talk too loud, you are actually invading another’s personal audio space. This can not only sound threatening for people, but can also physically feel threatening too. The trait of being too loud can result from various things: growing up in a loud household, being around someone who is hard of hearing. being hard of hearing yourself, feeling the need to get attention, or it can simply be an old habit.

Here are some methods that can help you tone down.

#1. Be aware of how loud your are speaking your volume level and observe how others respond or react to your volume level. Simply being aware of how others are responding can help you monitor your volume.

#2. Evaluate if your are loud all the time or only at certain times. Are you loud only in certain situations? Only with certain people?

#3. Focus the sound of your voice and imagine it going no further than your nose.

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5. A Question From One Of Our Readers:


Deep writes: “I have a question for you. I seem to have problems with ‘volume dynamics’ of my voice. This problem becomes more acute if I do not get enough sleep the previous night-I do not seem to be able to ‘reach’ my base voice. I have noticed that when I stand up and speak it does help. However, most of the meetings that I run at work are in a sit-down position. Can you provide me with some tips on how to improve/develop my base voice (i.e. make it ‘louder/deeper)?  Thank you.”


“Dear Deep, Getting rest is important in order to have support and control of your voice. What you seem to be experiencing may be stress related. My suggestion is to do voice exercises daily to build vocal and physical stamina. Do the exercises standing up and sitting down. Make sure to watch your posture. Keep the chest high and shoulders down and back. It is common for those sitting at a desk to unknowingly allow their body to collapse therefore limiting breath support and affecting sound quality. Working on articulation can also be beneficial. Always, always. always warm up your voice before your meetings. Check out some of the articles on my web site about warming up the voice and vocal health. By the way, my voice exercise workout CD ‘7 Exercises For A More Dynamic Speaking Voice’ would be great by coaching you through powerful exercises that build support and stamina as well as tone quality.

You can find information at: Let me know about your progress. Warmly, Marlena”

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6. We’d Love To Hear From You

YOur questions, voice stories, input, and feedback would be appreciated.

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