Voice Training, Development & Coaching Programs

Marlena Reigh Speicalizes in Voice Image coaching, seminars and keynotes for sales professionals, leaders, and speakers. Click here to see a short video of Marlena in action.

Voice Image Coaching

Learn the powerful voice and presentation methods to capture your listeners within seconds. Look, sound, and feel your best when speaking in all situations. Learn the six voice skills necessary to keep your listeners interested from beginning to end with simple techniques you can use for immediate results.

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Corporate Seminars and Workshops

Voice Power For Sales That Soar: Communicating with Influence

Invite Marlena to evaluate and coach the voices on your sales team today. Help your company get the personal edge in using vocal energy for motivation and persuasion that can gain more confidence, make stronger lasting impressions, and increase sales.
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Presentations With Pizzazz!

You have got a great presentation ready to go! The right words, a great message. Now add the Pizzazz and you have got the “WOW” factor. Learn powerful methods in using voice, body language, and mental focus to add Pizzazz which builds a relationship with each member in your audience–one they won’t forget.
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Voice Skills For Telephone Success

97% of first impressions on the telephone are formed by the sound of the speaking voice, not the words. Only 3% of first impressions are formed from what is being said. Those in sales know that even one bad telephone communication can cost them a client, revenue and their reputation. When a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and professionalism is heard loud and clear, it can significantly affect the bottom line. In this program learn how to have a telephone voice which has listeners want to do business with you. Key to building a long lasting business relationship.

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Is Your Voice Killing Your  Success?