The More I Do It, The Better I Am: Embracing Change as Adventure

I’m one of those people who like to do different things or do things differently. I call myself an adventurer and I keep a list throughout the year of things I’ve done for the first time. It’s a game for me and it’s also a way that I keep life interesting.

Right now I’m on a big adventure that has me resist, not sure of myself, and sometimes scared. Now this is what an adventure can be like. At first the conversation is “I’m totally in!” and as it progresses it can go to “What was I thinking!” Have you ever done that? Begin with enthusiasm and as you get into a new adventure or game and it loses its glitter and then the resistance begins? Then something else looks like it needs more attention?

The definition of Adventure is:


  1. An exciting or very unusual experience.
  2. Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises:The spirit of adventure.
  3. A bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.
  4. A commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.
  5. Obsolete. Peril; danger; risk. Chance; fortune; luck.

Verb (used with object), adventured, adventuring.

  1. To risk or hazard.
  2. To take the chance of; dare.
  3. to venture to say or utter:
  4. To adventure an opinion.
  5. Verb (used without object), adventured, adventuring.
  6. To take the risk involved.
  7. To venture; hazard.

 Ah, yes. I love it.

Sounds scary but I know, from practice, that what’s on the other side is well worth it!

So what is the adventure that I’ve taken on?

A yearlong adventure to shift my thinking of how I run my life in order to play a bigger game. A game with an outcome that will have a significant impact for thousands and thousands of people to being heard so they can make a difference in this world. More people as well as more leaders who speak with heart for all people.

This personal improvement course sometimes stops me in my tracks. However, I have a coach who kicks my butt and a team around me that won’t let me off the hook. And here’s the thing, I really, really want this adventure for me and, most of all, for all those whose lives will be improved and never be the same because they will take on the adventure of speaking with power!

No, I am not selling a course and it is not a sales pitch for someone else’s course. This post is about  learning something new, embracing it and growing for a bigger cause.

Do I resist? You bet. Do I say “No, I don’t want to.” Yes! Funny, the things I’m being coached to do are the things I said I want to do.

So the experience is both good and uncomfortable. And I know, through the bumps and Hooray’s that this vision of mine is what I’m committed to do, feel guided to do and truly want. It is a big game worthy of everything I’ve got and more! It is an “Us” game.


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