Tongue Twisters For Articulation, Clarity and Projection

Tongue Twisters For Articulation, Clarity and Projection

The tongue twisters below will help you become more articulate, improve projection and gain more vocal attraction whenever you speak.

To be most effective when working with these follow these steps:

  • Get in front of mirror
  • Drop your jaw and over enunciate-this is physical so it may feel strange at first
  • Watch yourself in the mirror to make sure your posture is strong, chin even and jaw dropped in a yawn position when saying each word, especially “B” words
  • Focus the sound to the mirror or the farthest wall
  • Have fun and add positive energy


Bobby Bibby bought a bat

Bobby Bibby bought a ball

With his bat Bob banged the ball

Banged it bump against the wall

But so boldy Bobby banged it

That he burst his rubber ball

Boo! cried Bobby, Bad luck, ball!

Bad luck, Bobby, Bad Luck ball.

Now to drown his many troubles

Bobby Bibby’s blowing bubbles.

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