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Create a Better World For Your Children

Recently I was asked by a new mother for the one piece of advice that I felt would make a difference. Here is what I said. “Always let your child(en) know that because they are here on the planet, this will be a better world. The only voice coaching here is to be genuine, see […]

Is Your Voice Talking You Out of Losing Weight?

Memorial Day was hot and muggy and the party I was at had all the fixings of a picnic. I observed the complaints the people had about how they were on diets or working on getting healthier (and I heard those words come out of my mouth too). It seemed to be agreed upon that […]

Telephone Tip-Delivering Great Customer Service With Your Voice

Telephone Tip- Delivering Great Customer Service With Your Voice The sound of the voice is a physical experience for the listener and accounts for up to 97% of the impression we make when on the telephone. On top of that, 30% of our voice energy is lost over the telephone equipment making us sound more impersonal. […]

Can A Voice Make or Break A President?

Tonight is the first Presidential debate and we all are in an analyzing mode as we consider our country’s leader for the next four years. As a voice image specialist, I just completed an interview for Detroit’s channel 7 news evaluating the voices of John Kerry and President George Bush. It will be aired at noon and 5:00 […]