Sometimes The Voice Misses The Point

Sometimes The Voice Misses The Point I was using my most enthusiastic voice with my daughter Michelle, telling her that when she was three she would be big like mama and no longer need to use a bottle. It was three weeks until her birthday and weaning her from her bottle was top on my […]

Be Prepared: You Are Secretly Being Analyzed

It is interesting when I am networking and asked what I do. Most often when I tell them I am a voice image specialist and do voice coaching, immediately the person asking becomes self conscious of their own voice. “You are probably analyzing my voice” they say. My response is, “Yes, I am analyzing your […]

Do Olympians Have A Voice Coach?

Watching the Oympics is not only exciting but amazing to see what the human body, mind, and commitment can accomplish. As I was watching the men’s downhill ski event the other day I noticed that several of the skiers used their voice in a loud boisterous way as they took off from the top of […]

Have A Great Voice And Look Ten Years Younger

  Would you like to look younger? Feel younger? And with no monetary cost? It’s easier than you think. All you need is ten minutes a day and the tenacity to make these practices part of your health regime. Looking and feeling younger is a big market for various products and services that promise the […]

My Dad’s Voice

My father was an amazing man and in the next few days it will be the one year anniversary of his passing. He had more talents than he even knew himself. He was a great dancer. I remember going to weddings when I was a child and women would get in line to dance with him. […]

Learning How To Toot Your Own Horn

Learning How To Toot Your Own Horn: When it comes to marketing yourself you can always find the advice “It is important to toot your own horn.” But for most people there is that gnawing feeling that it just isn’t right. The comments of why one shouldn’t be tooting are: “I don’t want people to think I […]

Your Voice Matters Septemberr 21, 2005

                                Your Voice Matters                                 September 21, 2005                         Published by Marlena Reigh _____________________________ Marlena Reigh 2005  Welcome to our many subscribers who signed up through our  web site or at an event where Marlena Reigh presented. This ezine is subscription based and sent only to those who ASK to be on the mailing […]