Warm Up Tips For Great Voice Communication

We take our voice for granted and do not consider that it takes physical and mental effort when we speak. By warming up the speaking voice we also warm up the body and mind.

Results are clarity, energy, focus,  mental stamina, and more confidence. Others then hear and view us as more competent and tend to buy into our ideas more readily.

Do the  following exercises before that most important presentation or event to put your best voice forward and grab others’ attention.

1. Warm up the voice by humming for ten to fifteen minutes. In the shower or when traveling in the car is a good opportunity. Hum going up and down musical scales. If you use a treadmill this is a great time to do the humming. Breathe through the nose.

2. Put on your voice attitude. Smiling actually changes your physiology and enhances the sound quality of your voice. It also puts you in a physically erect posture. Make sure to use this posture when doing the humming warm ups.

3. Talk to yourself out loud. Get connected with the way it feels when you speak. Sometimes we know what to say but when it comes time to say it it does not come out the same way. Rehearse! Practice! Your voice is an instrument that needs to be played before performing.

4. Keep vocal cords moist. Drink plenty of water. Hydrating the vocal cords will relieve vocal stress due to nervousness and the environment.

5. Experiment with the many personalities of your voice. We all use a different voice personality or style when with various people or at special events. Pay attention to the energy and musical movement of the voice whenever possible. Think about how you can incorporate this “voice energy” into your presentations or speaking. Have fun and do not be afraid to try something new.

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