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Your Voice Matters:
April 26, 2006

Published by Marlena Reigh

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  1. Thoughts From The Author Marlena Reigh
  2. Be A Networking Star And Increase Your Sales
  3. Quote of The Month: Harvey Mackay-Networking
  4. Free Voice Evaluation Offer: What Does Your Voice Say About You?
  5. Voice Tip: Warming Up In The Shower
  6. We Would Love To Hear From You

1. Thoughts From The Author Marlena Reigh

When doing presentations, one of the things I love doing most is seeing audiences react and them respond to my first few words in a voice that has them want to run. And it only takes seconds. Putting one over on them is fun but it also makes a strong point that our voice can effect our credibility and our business success. The next step is to “recover” my audience by using a voice that is interesting, dynamic, and motivating. As a “master voice communicator” I too continuously work on my voice, focus on walking my talk and learn. Remember-I’ts a process. Enjoy it.

2. Be A Networking Star And Increase Your Sales

Over the last few years networking, or meeting other business people with which to do business, has evolved to building relationships and making connections. In the old model, you arrived at an event, passed out your cards to as many people
as possible, and hoped that some of them would stick. However, as more and more people sell the same services at comparably the same prices, competition is hot and building relationship is key.

One evening I went to a networking event in a different city. In the elevator I had a conversation with a women who was going to the event. We chatted, I told her about how I had to hide the hole in my textured hose just above my knee. Casual conversation. She asked if I was going to the event and I mentioned yes, and it was my first time. Carol was a regular and when we arrived she said, “Let me introduce you to the people I know”.

Carol took me around the room, and not only introduced me but mentioned my expertise to each person. She used her voice in an enthusiastic and engaging way that opened up conversations. I felt Carol was part of my team. It turns out she knew everyone there. In my eyes Carol was a star. She gained my admiration, respect, and desire to be on her team too.

By the way, because of this encounter I got a radio interview, secured a presentation which Carol was present and I was able to acknowledge her to the audience, and contracted a new coaching client. Since then my approach to networking has shifted to building connections for everyone, not just myself. I am declaring this the new model of networking.

You too can be a networking star.

Here are some tips:

  • Have a voice that is genuine and truly interested in helping others.
  • Think of yourself as the host of a party making sure everyone is having a good time.
  • Warm up your voice and practice out loud before the event.
  • Meet people and look for ways to connect them to others.
  • If you see someone who is by themselves, introduce yourself and then introduce them to others.
  • Make networking about the other person.
  • Take risks-meet at least five new people at each networking event
  • DO NOT sit with other people from your company. You are networking!

3. Quote Of The Month: Harvey Mackay

Networking is not a numbers game. The idea is not to see how many people you can meet; the idea is to compile a list of people you
can count on. – Harvey Mackay  Author Swim With The Sharks & Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty

4. Free Voice Evaluation Offer: What Does Your Voice Say About You?

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5. Voice Tip: Warming Up In The Shower

First thing in the morning when you are in the shower take some warm water in your mouth and gargle vocalizing a tone. Do this three times. To make it more fun you could move the tone or pitch up and down. This warms up the throat, clears any mucus, and increases breathing which will energize you.

6. We Would Love To Hear From You

Your questions, voice stories, input, and feedback are always appreciated.

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