Your Voice Matters Septemberr 21, 2005

                                Your Voice Matters
                                September 21, 2005
                        Published by Marlena Reigh


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1. Greetings from the author Marlena Reigh

2. Presentation Pizzazz: Grab THEIR ATTENTION

3.  Quote of The Month: Maya Angelou

4.  Vocal exercise: Articulation For More Power

1. Greetings from the author Marlena Reigh
Hello and welcome. This month I have included some easy
and effective voice techniques that will help you to make a
great impression in your presentations. The quote that I am
sharing with you one of my favorites. It truly exemplifies the
power our voice has to our words. And lastly, I encourage
you to do the voice exercises on articulation. They will
strengthen your voice in ways that will surprise you. Enjoy!

2. Presentation Pizzazz: Grab THEIR ATTENTION
The first few minutes of a presentation are crucial. How
many times have you gone to a presentation, heard the first
few sentences, and started thinking of all the places you’d
rather be? Probably too many times. And most often it is
not the subject but the person presenting that takes you to
outer space. Their voice may lack the enthusiasm or vocal
interest that would pique your attention.

It is not uncommon for that  “voice” that is presenting to be
someone who has all sorts of credentials. I don’t know
about you, but I being to think to myself, “How did they get
here?: The way they begin their presentation and then
continue to drone on is downright boring.

In order to grab your audience in those crucial beginning
minutes you need make sure your voice grabs you even
before you hit the platform. What does that mean?

Here are three key elements for setting up your voice to be
effective and to grab the audience:

First, begin with a unique opening statement (hint: It is not
“thank you for having me here tonight…blah, blah, blah.” Or
“how are you doing tonight”?). Create a statement that will
fit your personality, light your passion, and will help you
launch into a talk that sets your energy high. Be creative.
Use a startling statement, a personal story, a quote, or
anything that resonates with you , your message, and your

Second, get physical. Feel the physical nature of your voice
and practice out loud as much as possible. Talk to yourself
–who cares what people think? The whole idea is to be
connected with the physical aspect of your voice and how it
resonates, is controlled, and is guided by your body.
This is where those boring credentialed experts miss out.
They are not physically connected to their voice.

Third, feel the energy of  your voice. Practice the beginning
of your presentation in various ways. Soft. loud, soft to loud,
fast to slow, slow to fast. Feel the sensation of all these
variations Learn how to bring the voice into various
emotional states. On the day of your presentation pump
your vocal energy up by spending at least fifteen minutes
rehearsing your opening first thing in the morning and
again fifteen minutes before the presentation It will make a
big difference.

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3. Quote Of The Month: Maya Angelou
“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It
takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper
Maya Angelou

4. Voice Exercise: Articulation For More Power
Usually when people think about articulation they believe
the main goal is that every word be understood clearly.
While that is true, there are several other bonuses that
come along with articulating well.

The second bonus of good articulation is that the
voice actually improves in tone quality allowing for the
natural resonators of the mouth and throat cavity to
enhance the sound. The richer tone quality this produces
can leave a positive impression on the listeners ear.

Bonus number three is  that  volume naturally increases
when you concentrate on articulation and projection can
become effortless.

And finally, the fourth bonus of good articulation is that it
allows you to have the ability to speak in a quieter voice and
yet be heard and understood even across the room.
This is real power!

Here are some articulation exercises to help you get quality
and power:

* Use the tongue, teeth, and lips when saying these words
        > Bah  Bye  Boe  Buh  Boo  Bee  Bay  Beh  Bim

* Drop the jaw immediately into the vowel
        > Lah  Lye  Loe  Luh  Loo  Lee  Lay  Leh  Lim
        > Rickey  Rakery  Rockery  Rookey  Ruckerly
        > Hit  Hat  Hot  Hoot  Hut  Have  Hail  Haste

Add different consonants to the exercises above (i.e., E, G,
J, M, P, S, T, W, Y)

* Get in front of a mirror and over enunciate

* Guide yourself by how it physically feels when saying
these words

* Do these exercises for ten minutes a day and you will feel
the difference within a week or two. Experiment and have

Go to my web site for more voice exercises.

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