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Your Voice Matters:
May 25, 2006

Published by Marlena Reigh

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  1. Voice Thoughts from The Author Marlena Reigh
  2. You’re Hired! Voice Coaching Tips for Great Interviews
  3. Quote of The Month: Nashua Cavalier (on work)
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  5. Voice Tip: Go Shopping For A Great Voice
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1. Voice Thoughts from The Author Marlena Reigh

The American culture and economy is always in a shift and it has been stated that people will have more than three careers and problably even more jobs in their lifetime. Read the tips on having a voice that can get you hired. Not looking for a job? These tips can also apply to those in sales. Keep speaking with power!

2. You’re Hired! Voice Coaching Tips for Great Interviews

Interviewing skills is one of the fastest growing areas of my one-on-one coaching. In recent conversations with several Human Resource people who do hiring, they said that the majority of applicants are unprepared when they come in for their interview. “Winging it”, as one HR person describe it, is not appreciated. An interviewer questions a prospects professional skills when the importance of an interview occurs in such a laxidasial way.

Get the edge on your competition. Use these techniques in preparation and in your so you come across with confidence and credibility. Be someone with the professional polish that companies want to hire.

Here are three areas to work on:

1. Your Attitude:

Prepare the answers to these questions and read them out loud. Getting specific of your intentions helps you be focused and will reflect in your voice quality when answering questions.

=> Three of your greatest strengths
=> Three of your weaknesses & how you improve on the
=> Three goals of getting a job that excites you
=> Three things that you can bring to the job that others can’t
=> Three reasons you want to work for______________ (company)

2. Your body language:

Become conscious about the unconscious. In the hiring process studies show that 65-70% of a hiring decision may be based on nonverbal communication· 55% of our inner thoughts and feelings are revealed through body language and we are not conscious of what our body is saying, therefore the interviewer can observe and interpret nonverbal communication.

Interviewer’s observations before a word is spoken.

* As the prospect is waiting. Are they; Pacing back and forth? Relaxed or tense? Reading, fidgeting, or smoking? Do they shake hands, smile and make eye contact?

* How do they walk? A confident prospect walks in with head up, a firm step, and shoulders back and arms swinging.

* Where do they sit when offered a choice? Near the interviewer? As far away as possible? How is their sitting posture? Facing toward or away from interviewer?

Body Language Cues To Avoid

  • Jerky, disjointed movements are a sign the individual is in conflict.
  • Slumped posture and shuffling movements are a signal of or alienation.
  • Frenetic, rushed walk or gestures are indicators of stress and anxiousness.

$$ Practice and preparation methods:

Rehearse your walk and posture in front of a mirror. This practice is essential in helping manage your physical mannerisms and will help you be more comfortable when being interviewed. Envision the interviewer in front of you.

Body Language check list:

_ Make direct eye contact in the beginning and adjust it from there.
_ It’s a powerful cue and a sign of mutual respect.
_ Look at the interviewer when answering questions.
_ Keep your shoulders back
_ Keep your head erect
_ Avoid folding your arms across your chest
_ Keep legs in a “closed” position when standing or sitting
_ Use gestures to enhance your verbal message
_ Nod your head affirmatively at appropriate times-do not overdo it
_ Sit with a very slight forward lean toward the interviewer.
_ Make eye contactfrequently, but don’t overdo it
_ Smile to convey your positive attitude, but not so much that you’re not taken seriously
_ Use facial expression to convey interest (a blank expression ranks lowest in terms of attractiveness, power and credibility.)

3. Your Voice: Convey Interest and Enthusiasm

Your voice completes the image that you want to project. Do not take it for granted that what you say and how you say it will not matter. Being congruent with your appearance, body language, and voice equates with trust.

$$ Voice practice and preparation. With the questions in number 1 above (attitude), practice out loud using the guideline below.

  1. Project your voice loudly enough to be heard
  2. Articulate clearly
  3. Use pauses for emphasis
  4. Watch your speed and pace
  5. Avoid talking too fast or too slow
  6. Monitor voice quality:Avoid mumbling or having too high a pitch
  7. Let your natural personality come through

The other half of being interviewed is about not talking. Be in the moment. In other words, discipline yourself to doing the following.

  1. Focus your attention on the interviewer and what is being said
  2. Listen for content of what is being said.
  3. Do not be distracted by mannerisms or words that the interviewer is using.
  4. Listen for information to be evaluated later.
  5. Do not evaluate while listening.
  6. Give positive nonverbal feedback. (nod, smile)

$$ More voice practice and preparation. Out loud, in your best interviewing posture answer the following questions with enthusiasm, clarity, and conviction.

  1. What do you want your voice to transfer?
  2. What image do you want your presence to exude?
  3.  List three ways that you can benefit their company with the skills you have.
  4. What is your committed to this company?
  5. What is the feeling you will leave the interviewer with
  6. when the interview is complete.

3. Quote of The Month: Nashua Cavalier (on work)

Man’s biggest mistake is to believe that he’s working for someone else. –  Nashua Cavalier

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5. Voice Tip: Go Shopping For A Great Voice

People often ask me of a safe and non-threating place where they can practice and experiment their new voice skills. Here’s what I suggest and have actualy done myself. Go shopping, especially the supermarket, since it lends to lots of opportunities and lots of people to converse with. Go with an intention in mind.

One day I went shopping with the intention of seeing what kind of response I would get if I smiled and said “Hello” to everyone I saw (yes, everyone. Cashier, customer, children, stock-person, meat manager. Any human being). I put on a big smile and pursued my experiement. Could I change the state or energy level of someone else by using a happy and friendly voice. The results were intersting.

Some people smiled back and said “Hello”, a stock-person was interuppted from a day dream, obviously not use to having anyone talk to him while shelving merchandise, and the cashiers perked up. It was a lot of fun to watch people’s face and voice brighten up with the perception that someone was actually paying attention to them.

So next time you buy milk, use the energy of your voice and see the positive shift that you can make to those you don’t know and try it with people you do know. Make sure to warm up your voice before you go.

6. We Would Love To Hear From You

Your questions, voice stories, input, and feedback are always appreciated.

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